Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well, I have big big news that everyone probably already knows about.....

The last time I was back was about 2 months ago and the post is on the same page as this one. HAHA. My term 2 was good. Rather cold though. Just or your information. I DO NOT HAVE AND AUSSIE ACCENT. Mine's still 100% Malaysian. The only thing that I say that may not sound a tad bit Malaysian is sorry.
well this is just like the update and stuff for term 2. haha.My roomate in term 2 was SHARON CHEN. umm... it was freaking cold.crocky got stolen a whole lot. exams were alright. only english was hell. played tennis and badminton. had boarders birthday night. Ok if i go into details and stuf, this blog post is gonna be never ending. So well, to summarize it, term 2 was fun and cold. haha.
I told myself that I would do like at least 5 hours of community service for CTC but that obviouly did not happen. haha. I'll just finish the required 10 hours in term 3 or something. So I went to school today for speech day. I GOT THE BEST IN ISLAMIC STUDIES PRIZE FOR ONCE! YAY!
After that, I went to Pavillion with my dad. ate lunch at wetin and walked around. Came home and SLEPT. haha. and went to Pavillion again or dinner. Seriously, my parents just loves that place.
Omg im gonna get sooooooo sore next week. This is kinda like my scheduale next week
Monday: Tennis and RPM
Tuesday: Horse riding and Music lesson
Wednesday: Tennis and RPM
Thursday: Horse riding and Music lesson
Gonna be half dead. haha
I gtg now but I promise I'll blog soon :)