Sunday, January 25, 2009

24 hours!

OMG! I'm leaving tomorrow! That's dam fast. I dont wanna leave just yet. I know i've been complaining about how boring the holidays are but i never thought that the end would come so soon. I guess i just have to deal with it...

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Just Don't Know Anymore

People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.
-William Butler Yeats-

This being my 3rd post, I have to say that i'm quite shocked. Normally my blogs will die after 1 post? :) Anyways, i have something to say. I HATE THE RUBIX CUBE. Well, as you may know, many people can transform


But of course being the genius I am, I transformed my rubix cube from


and well, now, i dont know how to fix it. -_-

Note to self- dont jumble it up again if it is EVER fixed.

- dont throw it out of the window

- dont kill it

Anyways, went to follow my parents to the podiatrist in the morning and my sister and i just sat down at the mamak playing SUPER MARIO for 2 HOURS. haha. During that 2 hours of super mario, we took a short break from the game to go buy stationary and my sister asked me to get this thing called Reinforcement Rings and guess what? I always knew it existed but i always thought they were just stickers. HAHA. Who knew you were supposed to put it around the rings of your fullscap paper so that they didnt tear so easily. OK fine maybe i was the only one who didnt know. :)

After 2 REALLY LONGGGGGGGGGG HOURS, we met up with my parents and left for th city. I got to eat My Sang Ha Min for the last timebefore i leave. Later, we went to starhill to collect my sister's bag. Oh and all of us (my dad, sis and I) went into some car showroom looking like potential buyers just to enjoy their aicon while my mum went to the bank(it was real hot in the car ok).

After that, left for kiara to pick up My GRANDMA. When i went into the apartment to get her things, guess what I saw? My 6 year old cousin having TUITION! I was like omg i pity you soooooooooooo much but of course i didnt say it out loud. She's only 6 and she has to go though what i like to call HELL ON EARTH :). Sorry i had BAD BAD experiences with tuition except michael. HE'S THE BOMB. Haha.

Anyways i better go now cause my mum's like screaming at me to go pack my stuff into the luggage. TATA

Signing off

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The No Name Post!

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

-Robertson Davies-

See now i have more than one post. WOOOOOOO!!!! We can celebrate :) Right now, im listening to some stupid rap song on the radio. Sorry but im NOT a huge fan of rap. i find it........... disturbing. OK maybe im just old fashioned but it's just TOO LOUD and there's no tune.

Anyways, today is the 22nd of January and im leaving in 6 days. 6 DAYS! It's dam fast. Time passed so fast but it's alright i guess. As my dad says, it's time to start a new chapter in my life.

Well lets see what i did today. I have to wake up super early today to go for horse riding( i DID NOT fall off the horse this time) This calls for a celebration. :) After that, i came back home and just fell flat on the bed and slept. ten minutes later my sister was like screaming RAAAAAA! WAKE UP! There goes my nap. So i had to wake up and packed my gym clothes and left for mid-valley. Went to eat at delicious. The Grilled 3 cheese sandwich there is THE BOMB. After that, got dragges to RPM :( i cycled 25km ok. Oh and we went cheongsam shopping today too. Have to get one cause there's some Chinese New Year celebration in Melbourne.

Left mid -valley after that for HOME. Came home and the first thing i did was to on the computer ( as expected ). And well now, im here. Legs are KILLING me. Hopefully it wont hurt tomorrow. Let's all pray. Anyway i gtg now.

Signing off

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Grand Opening

(i know it's a weird pic but i just LOVE the game)
If you think you know everything and think you’ve done everything, I know you’re an idiot.

-John C. Sheperd-

Yes. This marks the grand opening of my first blog. Knowing me, I wont update it but i promise that I WILL TRY. I think i should say it again but with a bigger and more prominent font. I WILL TRY(yes myra keep telling yourself that). Anyways, to start things off, I have to say that i know nothing about a blog.I dont have a faintest clue on what I should put in it. Yes I've seen people write in their blogs but i just cant seem to figure out how they find things to write about. Maybe it's because their lives are more interesting. haha. OK I shall make myself (FINALLY) a belated new years resolution and that is to MAKE MY LIFE MORE INTERESTING. Anyways i bet everyone who reads this will laugh like hell and no it's not because i am rambling here about nothing but because my phone scared me. Ever happened to you? Well, i dont think so:) So i was just sitting on my chair in my study and suddenly the phone rings. I got scared. haha. Wait im not done yet. Then it rang again. and the sound scared me again. For your information, this happened 4 TIMES. In my defense, the room was really quiet. As you can see, i'm a huge fan of the PENANDA WACANA( i think thats what they call it) Anyways. Sorry i cant think of the word in English right now. it's too late and my brains arent functioning well. Anyways gonna go to sleep now so that i dont fall off the horse tomorrow morning.

Signing off,