Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Argh. Prep time is boring especially when you're too lazy to do homework. I learned multiple new words today from Soo A's flash cards. Haha I think that's what you call them anyway. School was good. Ada, Vicki, Elise and I decided to do our civics project on domestic abuse. WE'RE MAKING T-SHIRTS!! So Awesome!!

Should I go for the Melbourne High Social??? I have no idea. I wanna go cause it'll be fun but then again not many people are going. Ill just decide later. Oh guess what? Im gonna do Ballroom dancing next term. Yea I know Ballroom Dancing + Myra Abdullah doesnt go very well but I guess I just wanna try something new. Haha.

OMG! I found out Bob now has a Bob. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Haha. Cant wait to see it. It's like building more and more suspense everyday and Prita has like a Brit/American accent. So weird/cool! Haha. Btw, just if you're wondering, I DO NOT have and aussie accent. Mine's still pure Malaysian :)

Oh we just moved rooms yesterday. Twas so funny. The bags were like EVERYWHERE! but apparantly it wasnt as bad as ast year. The Year 11's said that last year, everything was all over that there wasnt even enough space to walk and this year, there's even a pathway in the middle. Haha. So my roomate now is pretty cool. She's from Malaysia too. Quite happy with the arrangement of the room. The only thing is, when you come in through the door BE CAREFUL. Dont walk straight into her cupboard. That part is funny.

So well I know this is not like me but im gonna post some pics up. I title it...... PREP TIME AND HOW BORING IT CAN GET THEN ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE'S NO ONE TO BUG CAUSE EVERYONE HAS HOMEWORK. That's like a freakishly long title i know but at least it's self-explainatory :)

Ok. I dont know how to do it. Haha. I'll do it when i figure it out

Signing off,

Saturday, March 28, 2009



I'm really excited about that. So lets see what did i do this week... Hmm...

Well, I had a math test which i thought i flunked but i didnt. That was like so surprising. Haha. I have a history and english task tomorrow :(.

Went out with Eugene yesterday. He's in Melbourne for the week to see his sister. We went to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic! It was super good. Was really funny. I laughed so much. Oh and we went to walk along Yarra. That was actually the first time I did that. I am as much of a tourist as him. I really suck with directions nd stuff. :)

Was suppose to go back to the boarding house yesterday night but decided to stay another night in my sisters apartment. So i just came back this morning. I had no dinner yesterday night so i just made myself a chesse and potato chip sandwich. Weird I know but it was still good :)

Guess what. I dont know how to do math here :( I feel so stupid. Seriously I dont get it. Ok im just gonna update later this week cause im not in the mood to update now. If you wanna see pictures of me in Melbourne, go to my facebook :)

Signing off,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Weekly Update :)

Hey guys,

I think it's like my thing to only blog on Sunday. :) Sorry if i promised to write regularly but didnt stick to the promise. I just don't have the time to i guess.

Anyway, I went to watch Wicked with my sister today. It was AWESOME. Like seriously awesome. It's bout the Untold story of the Wizard Of Oz. It was really good.

Oh and I finally won my firs tennis match. Played against Loretto and we won!!!!! 8-5. I was like super happy on wednesday. Although it was the last game of the season, at least i won one game!!!

Met up with my chilhood friend yesterday. Went to the city nd te good fried rice :). The we waalked around the city and eventually we got bored so we decided to go to DFO. Coincidently, i met steph, janice, jane and janice there(yes there are janice's. It's NOT a typo) Was pretty weird meeting there, Didnt think that I would see them there. I thought they were going on Sunday not Saturday.

Ahh!!! English is sooo tough here. Malaysia is like super crap compared to the one here. No offence. I dont understand gotic literature :( They use so many BIG BIG words that my SMALL SMALL brain cannot comprehend. and guess what? We have to annotate something that is already annotated.

OK so ill be back soon. :) Looking forward to the weather.

Signing off,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Just Too Hard To Forget

I'm sorry I have not been updating for a superrr longggggggg time. Just been a little busy...

Anyway, my week was quite good. Elise was absent the whole week again :( No one to bug me in civics and math. Oh and Ada and Vicki scribbled all over my math book. It was actually really funny and quite good. They're wuite artistic people.

Went to stay with my sister on friday. Was good. her internet is soooooooooo fast. So much better than the MLC one. The one here is uber slow.Oh and friggin hate the new facebook. It's so gay and stupid.

I had a tennis match last wednesday in Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. I lost 8-4 and im really happy. haha. (It's and improvement ok) but overall MLC beat Ivanhoe. WOOOOOOO!!! haha. Parents went back on monday. Im kinda ok with it caue i kinda got used to boardingschool lofe. It's actually really fun but I still miss you. I still miss everyone. Im coming home soon. :) Thats something to look orward too :)

Anyway I gtg now. In my friends room doing homework.

Signing off

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Another Post

So, someone asked me to update this blog. So here goes.

My week was alright. Went out with my friends here yesterday. It was good. They dragged me to shopping... but it was good. Got burnt under the sun outside the state library. Was pretty funny. Oh and i ordered a small Boost but they accidently gave me a big one. So cool eh?

We were actually suppose to go train hopping that day but after breakfast, we were just too full and couldnt be bothered. We're really 'rajin'. See I still know malay. All hope is not lost yet. :)

School was good. Elise was really sick so there was nobody to entertain me in civics the whole week. Hope you feel better soon elise. Hmm... What else? Well nothing much actually. I got a job for my work experience already. WOOOOO! haha and umm the casein that i made in science smells bad.

Parents are here for the weekend so thats good. I finally have my fried rice. OMG I missed it sooooo much. Im like a girl deprived of home cooked food. Seriously I am. I miss my maid and her food. Haha. There's no one here to clean my room or make my bed :( but i guess I just have to learn. It's part of growing up i guess.

OH and i went for the Mumba fest. on saturday. The fireworks were AWESOME. Seriously. Really pretty. After that went for coffee at Brunetti's. Dont know how you spell that. Was a pretty good day. ANyways i better go now. Have homework and stuff to do. Ill update next time.

28 more days

Signing off,