Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Need Time

Im sorry that i keep starting my posts by saying sorry for not blogging for a long time. Just had lots of things to do and a lot of things on my mind. Just have been overthinking some stuff....

Anyways, cross country was last monday. It was alright. Just a lil too hot though. one thing i like about the cross country here is that
1) It's optional
2) there is no time limit.
So it's kinda like a go your own pace thing. So yea, thats good.

Went to stay with my guardians during the weekend. Twas good cause i finally got food that was not the boarding house food. Had Aussie roti canai. Tasted alright but it can never beat the Malaysian one. The one here isnt oily and had good vietnamese food in Boxhill.

Came back on sunday and school school school! Time is actually passing quite fast here. I will to see you guys soon! I Miss Everyone! Seriously i really do. It's just not the same without you.

Had tennis match on wednesday against PLC. Our, well my aim was to lose 8-1 but guess what? I lost 8-3. WOOOOOO! hahah. Was uber happy. Had like a few assignments due this week. Was kinda like hell cause as you all know, im a real lazy and last minute person.

I dont know why but i just couldnt think straight today. Was a lil weird. I guess i just had lots on my mind.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Don't Even Know How To Say This


Sorry i've been MIA for awhile. School is keeping me uber busy. Anyways, life has been treating me well. It's getting better and stuff. Met a couple of new people who are really nice. :)

Anyways, guess what? I went swimming after 1867832648751082309 years. WOOOOO! haha. Went with Steph and Samantha today. No one else wanted to go. Apparently they all had loads of homework. OH OH and i also had a tennis match today. I of course LOSS 8-0. Haha. The school is so cool eh? I thought so too

Classes were ok. I found out that i was like a jakun and stuff because of 2 reasons

1) I didnt know that Ruyton Girls School was behind MLC till today when i looked out of the window during class
2) I was like where is that? like a million times when Elise was trying to tell me where her old school was.

Haha. Shows how well i know Melbourne.

Anyways i kinda have like nothing else to say. Ill upload the pics for the CNY party and Maeve's 17th birthday another day.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey guys,

Guess what? im blogging from school now. having history but the teacher didnt come so we have to do our homework and stuff but im a little too lazy right now. Life's been alright. Being in Melbourne and all these stuff well, it's getting better. Although i normally have no idea what the teacher is talking about. I still miss everyone back home and i deinately miss sri kl. A few people told me that you all have loads of homework now. Guess what? ME TOO! Homework has become my boyfriend and my best friend. :) ANyways ill blog laer. gtg learn russian and american stuff. BYEEEE

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey guys.

Sorry for not blogging. Have been really busy with homework and stuff. The weather in Melbourne is superrrrrrrrrrrr CRAZY. It was like 46 degrees yesterday and it's 20 now and it's gonna be freaking 9 degrees on tuesday. Crazy eh?

Anyways i shall stop talking about the weather and hopefully ill stop thinking about it too. :) School has been fine. Still trying to adjust to everything but it's getting better

Went to the city on saturday and stayed there a night. Went out for ,unch and a movie with an old friend who is coinciently studying in Melbourne too now. And on sunday, i just had a date with The OC and a subway sandwich. It may not sound fun but it was actually quite alright. I could finally have my quiet time. had time to think and sort stuff out.

To those who think that I've chagned or have gotten an accent, you're wrong. I'm still the same.I still have the occasional la's and ma's and stuff and im still exactly the same. i still look the same and i'm still the same person. Havent and probably will not change :) So for you guys who wanna see my uniform, here's a pic. Will have a pic of me wearing the uniform next time but for now, we'll just have the uniform :)

See mae, i told you it looks like a maids uniform

and see im still the same person. look at the croc. Anyways i better go now. Have to finish my homeowrk. I miss you all!!!!!!!!!

Signing off,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I miss everyone!!

Sorry for blogging for awhile.Was kinda busy with school stuff. Anyway, im not really settled in school yet but im getting there. i have a thai roomate and i met 3 Malaysians and one hong konger. they're all really nice. OH and im in FITCHETT HOUSE (YELLOW). Thats wht they call it here. Dont know why. well school starts tomorrow. so wish me luck! :) Im gonna just bring a laptop and a pencilbox. That'd would definately be funny but what cAn i say. I have no idea what to bring. I dont really like being new but i guess it's all part of life. I have one thing to say to everyone back home and it is I MISS YOU!!! Im still not used to not seeing all of you and not talking to all of you. I promie ill try to dowload msn. Will post up pictures of my room and my uniorm later.

Signing off

PS- Havent drank boost yet su mae