Sunday, November 29, 2009

running through time !


i know myra hasnt been blogging much , which sucks . But thats why i'm here (: to brighten up her blog a little . i wonder when she'll visit her blog again :D just so you know she's coming back to malaysia !! on the 18th if im not mistaken :D

miss yea tons babe !

sorry ra but this is revenge for not updating (: . love you lots !!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


OMG! So annoyed. She soo bloody annoying. You think you know everything but you are the world dumbest IDIOT. You pretend like you are the KING but you are just the road sweeper. Think youre cool? I THINK NOT! OMG and your stupid heels. Think youre soo pretty just you wear heels? YOURE FUGLY!!! STOP PRETENDING! Youre not even an AUSSIE so DONT ACT LIKE ONE! It's just wrong. Youre such a bitch you know? Think you can cut me out by not inviting me and stuff. too bad you cant cause THEYRE MY FRIENDS. Im just one step away from slapping your fugly face. SCREW YOU

PS- Stop pretending cause people other than me hate you too

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey guys,

I'm bored. So very very bored. I've been spending most of my holidays going with my mum and stuff. I'm really sorry I didnt get to see anyone that much this time. So guess what? I'm leaving this MOnday. Fast eh? 1 month passed just like that. I cant be bothered to start on my holiday homework. I have to finish reading the dreaded Jane Eyre for my Literature :( I've been stuck at page 100something for ages now. It doesnt seem like I'm gonna move anytime soon. Gonna be stuck on that page for a long long time. Haha. I also hve not startedon my BIOTECHNOLOGY PROJECT! SO screwed. Anyone know anything about biotech? I have to write some thousands of words on it.

Ohh I had this like video convo with Steph last night and her mum was there and her mum was like..
Her mum: Ohh is that your Malaysian friend
Steph: yea. why?
Her mum: Tell her I like D24
Steph: Did you hear that?
Myra: Yea. Is D24 a gun? haha. It sounds like a gun
Steph: It's a type of DURIAN!
HAHA.. I feel like an idiot now. I mean she's from HK and she knows this and I'm like Malaysian and I thought it was a GUN. HAHAHHAHA. Ohh and we were like planning on what time we should like go to school on the first day and falling asleep in class and saying like ohh we have jetlag. They only allow us to do that on the first week back but I'll prolly really have jetlag. Haha. So here's my plan for next tuesday
10: Leave the apartment
10.30: Arrive at MLC. Go to the boarding house and sort stuff out
11.05: Go to school. HAHA
Cool plan eh?:D:D

So, I went to KLCC today. Was supposed to go out with Prita at first but other things came up for her in the end. It's alright. Another time then :D Had lunch and walked around with my sister and mum then went home and now, I'm here. Haha. So thats kinda it i guess

ARGH! I dont wanna go back to Aussieland cause it's SO FREAKING COLD THERE!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PHOTO's From everywhere :)

My old room without colour. Looks depressing haha

Crocky got stuck
HAHA. Sorry sharon. It was just too funny


She got bored in math! haha

I just found that in my phone

I was under all that. Haha

Janice poon and the 'siew mai ball'! :D

Crocky's eye

Dont know what I was doing. haha

MAEVE! The in-style hair do :D

Bell! I can never do that:(


Steph and Janice's bunny ears

BOBO! haha

If you look closely you can see me laughing

My new roomates!

The devil in disguise Haha

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well, I have big big news that everyone probably already knows about.....

The last time I was back was about 2 months ago and the post is on the same page as this one. HAHA. My term 2 was good. Rather cold though. Just or your information. I DO NOT HAVE AND AUSSIE ACCENT. Mine's still 100% Malaysian. The only thing that I say that may not sound a tad bit Malaysian is sorry.
well this is just like the update and stuff for term 2. haha.My roomate in term 2 was SHARON CHEN. umm... it was freaking cold.crocky got stolen a whole lot. exams were alright. only english was hell. played tennis and badminton. had boarders birthday night. Ok if i go into details and stuf, this blog post is gonna be never ending. So well, to summarize it, term 2 was fun and cold. haha.
I told myself that I would do like at least 5 hours of community service for CTC but that obviouly did not happen. haha. I'll just finish the required 10 hours in term 3 or something. So I went to school today for speech day. I GOT THE BEST IN ISLAMIC STUDIES PRIZE FOR ONCE! YAY!
After that, I went to Pavillion with my dad. ate lunch at wetin and walked around. Came home and SLEPT. haha. and went to Pavillion again or dinner. Seriously, my parents just loves that place.
Omg im gonna get sooooooo sore next week. This is kinda like my scheduale next week
Monday: Tennis and RPM
Tuesday: Horse riding and Music lesson
Wednesday: Tennis and RPM
Thursday: Horse riding and Music lesson
Gonna be half dead. haha
I gtg now but I promise I'll blog soon :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey guys

My weeks was pretty good. Had to go for ballroom dancing on thursday. That was fun. The only not un thing was when i was dancing, i think 5 people stepped on my foot. That hurt sooooooooo much. On friday we got to watch Romeo and Juliet play done by some actors. Was ok. Denise fell asleep. haha.

Went to my sisters house on friday and had dinner with my parents friends. Food was awesome. :D Went back to the boarding house on Saturday. We played like sooo many random games at night. Haha. We played charades, pool, murder in the dark, marco polo, bang, and many more. It was really funny. A group of 16 and 17 year olds playing that. Haha. Then watched Sweeney Todd with Maeve and Sarah at night. Twas a really weird movie. Like really weird.

Oh if you all ever wondered what i looked like in my winter uniform,
Look at the awesome capes :D

Anyways gtg now


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I actually typed out a whole post and stuff but I accidently deleted it. Sorry guys. Cant be bothered to type it out again. Will update next time :D


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Melbourne and freezing


Sorry for not updating at all for like an uber long time. Starting a new term and stuff can be very chaotic and time time consuming.

So, school started on tuesday. Moved bck into the boarding house on Monday. I finally got to see all my friends after like 2 weeks. Missed them sooo much during the holidays. t

First week of school was......just school i guess. Im still like in the holiday mood and not ready for all the hw yet. Oh and i had my first ballroom dance class at Scotch College. It was soo fun and funny. Haha. We were all like having trouble coordinating our hand and foot movements especially when it came to turning. The boys there were really nice though.

Was suppose to go to the Melbourne High Social on fridy but decided not to cause i wasnt feeling too good. So i just gave my ticket to STHOPMHY. Haha. Apparantly it was really fun and stuff but it's alright. Glad you had fun guys.

It's super cold here and it's not even winter yet. Im sooo gonna turn into a popsicle during winter. I Miss you guys back home! Im sure you're having a hell of a time cause of the weather. No JUMPERS. NO WINTER THINGS. NO COLD.

Anyway i gtg now. I promise ill update more frequently. BYEEEEEEEEEEEE


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hey guys,

I'm pretty sure you already know this but if you dont well.....

I'm Home :D

I actually came back on sunday morning. Just didnt really have the time to blog. So I went to school to see everyone on Monday. It was pretty weird. Not being a part of that school anymore. I guess I didnt really realise that fact till now but I guess moving on is just a part of life right? Anyway, they all said I had an Aussie accent but i obviously lost that after 4 days. Haha. Thats actually really quick. I guess it was never actually gone. Went to see the drama competition on tuesday. PS - Good job mae, pei, mun ching... ( there are many more but i really cant be bothered to type it all down now ) Anyways, CONGRATS!!! It was really good. :D On wednesday, OMG OMG OMG I saw Prita after 13987298648920918680436178065784361430 years. Ok fine, I'm exagerating but Omg seriously I have not seen her in a long time. It was really good to see you babe. Missed you loads. Went to Sunway with Rina, Prita and Chun quan that day. Watched the Fast and the Furious 4. I would rate it....... 6/10. I guess im just not the type of person who's into all this bash boom car things.

We had lunch at TGIF and prita and I decided to get Rina a cake. It was really funny, the people in TGIF made her stand on the chair (you know you enjoyed it Rina ) :). Oh Rina slept over the night before and she did some retty random stuf and I recorded it. It's HILARIOUS :D. Seriously you'll laugh you ass off.

Im pretty excited about term 2. I dont actually know why. I actually miss my friends in Aussie. I know i've only known them for 2 months but it seems like forever. I guess you become closer to your friends when you're far from family and your friends are like your family.

So on the overal, Iwould say that I had an AMAZING first term. Made a few friends that are nice and had loads of fun playing tennis under the hot sun, in the rain with cold winds or in any condition really. Met a few people there from other schools and they're really nice. Boarding school is fun :D honestly, it's different from what people think. Starting over, being in a new country and knowing no oneat first is difficult, I agree with that but once you get used to it, and start making friends, it gets fun.

So well, here are some random pics of rina and I from yesterday when she stayed over

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Argh. Prep time is boring especially when you're too lazy to do homework. I learned multiple new words today from Soo A's flash cards. Haha I think that's what you call them anyway. School was good. Ada, Vicki, Elise and I decided to do our civics project on domestic abuse. WE'RE MAKING T-SHIRTS!! So Awesome!!

Should I go for the Melbourne High Social??? I have no idea. I wanna go cause it'll be fun but then again not many people are going. Ill just decide later. Oh guess what? Im gonna do Ballroom dancing next term. Yea I know Ballroom Dancing + Myra Abdullah doesnt go very well but I guess I just wanna try something new. Haha.

OMG! I found out Bob now has a Bob. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Haha. Cant wait to see it. It's like building more and more suspense everyday and Prita has like a Brit/American accent. So weird/cool! Haha. Btw, just if you're wondering, I DO NOT have and aussie accent. Mine's still pure Malaysian :)

Oh we just moved rooms yesterday. Twas so funny. The bags were like EVERYWHERE! but apparantly it wasnt as bad as ast year. The Year 11's said that last year, everything was all over that there wasnt even enough space to walk and this year, there's even a pathway in the middle. Haha. So my roomate now is pretty cool. She's from Malaysia too. Quite happy with the arrangement of the room. The only thing is, when you come in through the door BE CAREFUL. Dont walk straight into her cupboard. That part is funny.

So well I know this is not like me but im gonna post some pics up. I title it...... PREP TIME AND HOW BORING IT CAN GET THEN ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE'S NO ONE TO BUG CAUSE EVERYONE HAS HOMEWORK. That's like a freakishly long title i know but at least it's self-explainatory :)

Ok. I dont know how to do it. Haha. I'll do it when i figure it out

Signing off,

Saturday, March 28, 2009



I'm really excited about that. So lets see what did i do this week... Hmm...

Well, I had a math test which i thought i flunked but i didnt. That was like so surprising. Haha. I have a history and english task tomorrow :(.

Went out with Eugene yesterday. He's in Melbourne for the week to see his sister. We went to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic! It was super good. Was really funny. I laughed so much. Oh and we went to walk along Yarra. That was actually the first time I did that. I am as much of a tourist as him. I really suck with directions nd stuff. :)

Was suppose to go back to the boarding house yesterday night but decided to stay another night in my sisters apartment. So i just came back this morning. I had no dinner yesterday night so i just made myself a chesse and potato chip sandwich. Weird I know but it was still good :)

Guess what. I dont know how to do math here :( I feel so stupid. Seriously I dont get it. Ok im just gonna update later this week cause im not in the mood to update now. If you wanna see pictures of me in Melbourne, go to my facebook :)

Signing off,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Weekly Update :)

Hey guys,

I think it's like my thing to only blog on Sunday. :) Sorry if i promised to write regularly but didnt stick to the promise. I just don't have the time to i guess.

Anyway, I went to watch Wicked with my sister today. It was AWESOME. Like seriously awesome. It's bout the Untold story of the Wizard Of Oz. It was really good.

Oh and I finally won my firs tennis match. Played against Loretto and we won!!!!! 8-5. I was like super happy on wednesday. Although it was the last game of the season, at least i won one game!!!

Met up with my chilhood friend yesterday. Went to the city nd te good fried rice :). The we waalked around the city and eventually we got bored so we decided to go to DFO. Coincidently, i met steph, janice, jane and janice there(yes there are janice's. It's NOT a typo) Was pretty weird meeting there, Didnt think that I would see them there. I thought they were going on Sunday not Saturday.

Ahh!!! English is sooo tough here. Malaysia is like super crap compared to the one here. No offence. I dont understand gotic literature :( They use so many BIG BIG words that my SMALL SMALL brain cannot comprehend. and guess what? We have to annotate something that is already annotated.

OK so ill be back soon. :) Looking forward to the weather.

Signing off,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Just Too Hard To Forget

I'm sorry I have not been updating for a superrr longggggggg time. Just been a little busy...

Anyway, my week was quite good. Elise was absent the whole week again :( No one to bug me in civics and math. Oh and Ada and Vicki scribbled all over my math book. It was actually really funny and quite good. They're wuite artistic people.

Went to stay with my sister on friday. Was good. her internet is soooooooooo fast. So much better than the MLC one. The one here is uber slow.Oh and friggin hate the new facebook. It's so gay and stupid.

I had a tennis match last wednesday in Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. I lost 8-4 and im really happy. haha. (It's and improvement ok) but overall MLC beat Ivanhoe. WOOOOOOO!!! haha. Parents went back on monday. Im kinda ok with it caue i kinda got used to boardingschool lofe. It's actually really fun but I still miss you. I still miss everyone. Im coming home soon. :) Thats something to look orward too :)

Anyway I gtg now. In my friends room doing homework.

Signing off

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Another Post

So, someone asked me to update this blog. So here goes.

My week was alright. Went out with my friends here yesterday. It was good. They dragged me to shopping... but it was good. Got burnt under the sun outside the state library. Was pretty funny. Oh and i ordered a small Boost but they accidently gave me a big one. So cool eh?

We were actually suppose to go train hopping that day but after breakfast, we were just too full and couldnt be bothered. We're really 'rajin'. See I still know malay. All hope is not lost yet. :)

School was good. Elise was really sick so there was nobody to entertain me in civics the whole week. Hope you feel better soon elise. Hmm... What else? Well nothing much actually. I got a job for my work experience already. WOOOOO! haha and umm the casein that i made in science smells bad.

Parents are here for the weekend so thats good. I finally have my fried rice. OMG I missed it sooooo much. Im like a girl deprived of home cooked food. Seriously I am. I miss my maid and her food. Haha. There's no one here to clean my room or make my bed :( but i guess I just have to learn. It's part of growing up i guess.

OH and i went for the Mumba fest. on saturday. The fireworks were AWESOME. Seriously. Really pretty. After that went for coffee at Brunetti's. Dont know how you spell that. Was a pretty good day. ANyways i better go now. Have homework and stuff to do. Ill update next time.

28 more days

Signing off,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Need Time

Im sorry that i keep starting my posts by saying sorry for not blogging for a long time. Just had lots of things to do and a lot of things on my mind. Just have been overthinking some stuff....

Anyways, cross country was last monday. It was alright. Just a lil too hot though. one thing i like about the cross country here is that
1) It's optional
2) there is no time limit.
So it's kinda like a go your own pace thing. So yea, thats good.

Went to stay with my guardians during the weekend. Twas good cause i finally got food that was not the boarding house food. Had Aussie roti canai. Tasted alright but it can never beat the Malaysian one. The one here isnt oily and had good vietnamese food in Boxhill.

Came back on sunday and school school school! Time is actually passing quite fast here. I will to see you guys soon! I Miss Everyone! Seriously i really do. It's just not the same without you.

Had tennis match on wednesday against PLC. Our, well my aim was to lose 8-1 but guess what? I lost 8-3. WOOOOOO! hahah. Was uber happy. Had like a few assignments due this week. Was kinda like hell cause as you all know, im a real lazy and last minute person.

I dont know why but i just couldnt think straight today. Was a lil weird. I guess i just had lots on my mind.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Don't Even Know How To Say This


Sorry i've been MIA for awhile. School is keeping me uber busy. Anyways, life has been treating me well. It's getting better and stuff. Met a couple of new people who are really nice. :)

Anyways, guess what? I went swimming after 1867832648751082309 years. WOOOOO! haha. Went with Steph and Samantha today. No one else wanted to go. Apparently they all had loads of homework. OH OH and i also had a tennis match today. I of course LOSS 8-0. Haha. The school is so cool eh? I thought so too

Classes were ok. I found out that i was like a jakun and stuff because of 2 reasons

1) I didnt know that Ruyton Girls School was behind MLC till today when i looked out of the window during class
2) I was like where is that? like a million times when Elise was trying to tell me where her old school was.

Haha. Shows how well i know Melbourne.

Anyways i kinda have like nothing else to say. Ill upload the pics for the CNY party and Maeve's 17th birthday another day.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey guys,

Guess what? im blogging from school now. having history but the teacher didnt come so we have to do our homework and stuff but im a little too lazy right now. Life's been alright. Being in Melbourne and all these stuff well, it's getting better. Although i normally have no idea what the teacher is talking about. I still miss everyone back home and i deinately miss sri kl. A few people told me that you all have loads of homework now. Guess what? ME TOO! Homework has become my boyfriend and my best friend. :) ANyways ill blog laer. gtg learn russian and american stuff. BYEEEE

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey guys.

Sorry for not blogging. Have been really busy with homework and stuff. The weather in Melbourne is superrrrrrrrrrrr CRAZY. It was like 46 degrees yesterday and it's 20 now and it's gonna be freaking 9 degrees on tuesday. Crazy eh?

Anyways i shall stop talking about the weather and hopefully ill stop thinking about it too. :) School has been fine. Still trying to adjust to everything but it's getting better

Went to the city on saturday and stayed there a night. Went out for ,unch and a movie with an old friend who is coinciently studying in Melbourne too now. And on sunday, i just had a date with The OC and a subway sandwich. It may not sound fun but it was actually quite alright. I could finally have my quiet time. had time to think and sort stuff out.

To those who think that I've chagned or have gotten an accent, you're wrong. I'm still the same.I still have the occasional la's and ma's and stuff and im still exactly the same. i still look the same and i'm still the same person. Havent and probably will not change :) So for you guys who wanna see my uniform, here's a pic. Will have a pic of me wearing the uniform next time but for now, we'll just have the uniform :)

See mae, i told you it looks like a maids uniform

and see im still the same person. look at the croc. Anyways i better go now. Have to finish my homeowrk. I miss you all!!!!!!!!!

Signing off,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I miss everyone!!

Sorry for blogging for awhile.Was kinda busy with school stuff. Anyway, im not really settled in school yet but im getting there. i have a thai roomate and i met 3 Malaysians and one hong konger. they're all really nice. OH and im in FITCHETT HOUSE (YELLOW). Thats wht they call it here. Dont know why. well school starts tomorrow. so wish me luck! :) Im gonna just bring a laptop and a pencilbox. That'd would definately be funny but what cAn i say. I have no idea what to bring. I dont really like being new but i guess it's all part of life. I have one thing to say to everyone back home and it is I MISS YOU!!! Im still not used to not seeing all of you and not talking to all of you. I promie ill try to dowload msn. Will post up pictures of my room and my uniorm later.

Signing off

PS- Havent drank boost yet su mae

Sunday, January 25, 2009

24 hours!

OMG! I'm leaving tomorrow! That's dam fast. I dont wanna leave just yet. I know i've been complaining about how boring the holidays are but i never thought that the end would come so soon. I guess i just have to deal with it...

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Just Don't Know Anymore

People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.
-William Butler Yeats-

This being my 3rd post, I have to say that i'm quite shocked. Normally my blogs will die after 1 post? :) Anyways, i have something to say. I HATE THE RUBIX CUBE. Well, as you may know, many people can transform


But of course being the genius I am, I transformed my rubix cube from


and well, now, i dont know how to fix it. -_-

Note to self- dont jumble it up again if it is EVER fixed.

- dont throw it out of the window

- dont kill it

Anyways, went to follow my parents to the podiatrist in the morning and my sister and i just sat down at the mamak playing SUPER MARIO for 2 HOURS. haha. During that 2 hours of super mario, we took a short break from the game to go buy stationary and my sister asked me to get this thing called Reinforcement Rings and guess what? I always knew it existed but i always thought they were just stickers. HAHA. Who knew you were supposed to put it around the rings of your fullscap paper so that they didnt tear so easily. OK fine maybe i was the only one who didnt know. :)

After 2 REALLY LONGGGGGGGGGG HOURS, we met up with my parents and left for th city. I got to eat My Sang Ha Min for the last timebefore i leave. Later, we went to starhill to collect my sister's bag. Oh and all of us (my dad, sis and I) went into some car showroom looking like potential buyers just to enjoy their aicon while my mum went to the bank(it was real hot in the car ok).

After that, left for kiara to pick up My GRANDMA. When i went into the apartment to get her things, guess what I saw? My 6 year old cousin having TUITION! I was like omg i pity you soooooooooooo much but of course i didnt say it out loud. She's only 6 and she has to go though what i like to call HELL ON EARTH :). Sorry i had BAD BAD experiences with tuition except michael. HE'S THE BOMB. Haha.

Anyways i better go now cause my mum's like screaming at me to go pack my stuff into the luggage. TATA

Signing off

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The No Name Post!

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

-Robertson Davies-

See now i have more than one post. WOOOOOOO!!!! We can celebrate :) Right now, im listening to some stupid rap song on the radio. Sorry but im NOT a huge fan of rap. i find it........... disturbing. OK maybe im just old fashioned but it's just TOO LOUD and there's no tune.

Anyways, today is the 22nd of January and im leaving in 6 days. 6 DAYS! It's dam fast. Time passed so fast but it's alright i guess. As my dad says, it's time to start a new chapter in my life.

Well lets see what i did today. I have to wake up super early today to go for horse riding( i DID NOT fall off the horse this time) This calls for a celebration. :) After that, i came back home and just fell flat on the bed and slept. ten minutes later my sister was like screaming RAAAAAA! WAKE UP! There goes my nap. So i had to wake up and packed my gym clothes and left for mid-valley. Went to eat at delicious. The Grilled 3 cheese sandwich there is THE BOMB. After that, got dragges to RPM :( i cycled 25km ok. Oh and we went cheongsam shopping today too. Have to get one cause there's some Chinese New Year celebration in Melbourne.

Left mid -valley after that for HOME. Came home and the first thing i did was to on the computer ( as expected ). And well now, im here. Legs are KILLING me. Hopefully it wont hurt tomorrow. Let's all pray. Anyway i gtg now.

Signing off

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Grand Opening

(i know it's a weird pic but i just LOVE the game)
If you think you know everything and think you’ve done everything, I know you’re an idiot.

-John C. Sheperd-

Yes. This marks the grand opening of my first blog. Knowing me, I wont update it but i promise that I WILL TRY. I think i should say it again but with a bigger and more prominent font. I WILL TRY(yes myra keep telling yourself that). Anyways, to start things off, I have to say that i know nothing about a blog.I dont have a faintest clue on what I should put in it. Yes I've seen people write in their blogs but i just cant seem to figure out how they find things to write about. Maybe it's because their lives are more interesting. haha. OK I shall make myself (FINALLY) a belated new years resolution and that is to MAKE MY LIFE MORE INTERESTING. Anyways i bet everyone who reads this will laugh like hell and no it's not because i am rambling here about nothing but because my phone scared me. Ever happened to you? Well, i dont think so:) So i was just sitting on my chair in my study and suddenly the phone rings. I got scared. haha. Wait im not done yet. Then it rang again. and the sound scared me again. For your information, this happened 4 TIMES. In my defense, the room was really quiet. As you can see, i'm a huge fan of the PENANDA WACANA( i think thats what they call it) Anyways. Sorry i cant think of the word in English right now. it's too late and my brains arent functioning well. Anyways gonna go to sleep now so that i dont fall off the horse tomorrow morning.

Signing off,