Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey guys,

I'm bored. So very very bored. I've been spending most of my holidays going with my mum and stuff. I'm really sorry I didnt get to see anyone that much this time. So guess what? I'm leaving this MOnday. Fast eh? 1 month passed just like that. I cant be bothered to start on my holiday homework. I have to finish reading the dreaded Jane Eyre for my Literature :( I've been stuck at page 100something for ages now. It doesnt seem like I'm gonna move anytime soon. Gonna be stuck on that page for a long long time. Haha. I also hve not startedon my BIOTECHNOLOGY PROJECT! SO screwed. Anyone know anything about biotech? I have to write some thousands of words on it.

Ohh I had this like video convo with Steph last night and her mum was there and her mum was like..
Her mum: Ohh is that your Malaysian friend
Steph: yea. why?
Her mum: Tell her I like D24
Steph: Did you hear that?
Myra: Yea. Is D24 a gun? haha. It sounds like a gun
Steph: It's a type of DURIAN!
HAHA.. I feel like an idiot now. I mean she's from HK and she knows this and I'm like Malaysian and I thought it was a GUN. HAHAHHAHA. Ohh and we were like planning on what time we should like go to school on the first day and falling asleep in class and saying like ohh we have jetlag. They only allow us to do that on the first week back but I'll prolly really have jetlag. Haha. So here's my plan for next tuesday
10: Leave the apartment
10.30: Arrive at MLC. Go to the boarding house and sort stuff out
11.05: Go to school. HAHA
Cool plan eh?:D:D

So, I went to KLCC today. Was supposed to go out with Prita at first but other things came up for her in the end. It's alright. Another time then :D Had lunch and walked around with my sister and mum then went home and now, I'm here. Haha. So thats kinda it i guess

ARGH! I dont wanna go back to Aussieland cause it's SO FREAKING COLD THERE!!!


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