Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey guys

My weeks was pretty good. Had to go for ballroom dancing on thursday. That was fun. The only not un thing was when i was dancing, i think 5 people stepped on my foot. That hurt sooooooooo much. On friday we got to watch Romeo and Juliet play done by some actors. Was ok. Denise fell asleep. haha.

Went to my sisters house on friday and had dinner with my parents friends. Food was awesome. :D Went back to the boarding house on Saturday. We played like sooo many random games at night. Haha. We played charades, pool, murder in the dark, marco polo, bang, and many more. It was really funny. A group of 16 and 17 year olds playing that. Haha. Then watched Sweeney Todd with Maeve and Sarah at night. Twas a really weird movie. Like really weird.

Oh if you all ever wondered what i looked like in my winter uniform,
Look at the awesome capes :D

Anyways gtg now


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